What is HTML

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. You can create your website using HTML. HTML is a plain text that the web browser software interprets and displays it.

What is HTML ?

You can create your website using HTML.
Although knowing the HTML language is necessary to build the website, the HTML language alone is not enough to build a complete website.

To build a complete website, you need to know CSS to give a better shape to your website pages.
If you want your website to be a little dynamic, you should also learn JavaScript.
And if you want to build a dynamic and interactive website, you should also know the PHP language.
There are other technologies that offer you better features like Ajax, jQuery. We try to teach these technologies in an easy way.

The HTML language is very simple. And you will enjoy learning it.
As we said earlier, HTML is the base language of a website design.

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language

HTML is a plain text that the browser interprets and displays to us.

But how does the browser interpret this simple text?

The browser reads the elements (made by the tags) and displays it to the viewer on the page.

Tags tell the browser how to display this element. Large or small, middle, left or right, how much spacing with the other elements...
In fact, we are telling the browser how to display our website. But to do this, we need to know the tags and HTML elements.

We call this simple text document, written in HTML, which is understandable to the browser, as hypertext.

All the hypertext consists of elements.

Elements are made by tags.

structure of an HTML element :

<tag>element content</tag>

The element starts with opening tag and ends with a closing tag. So a pair of tags is required to create an element.
By simply knowing the tags, we can learn HTML.

Some tags are single, so they only have an opening tag.

This was a summary of what is needed about HTML.

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